Clēnera develops solar energy facilities in partnership with landowners. We select the best land for development based on power grid availability, topography, soils, conservation, environmental history and current land use. When this process identifies a suitable site, the landowner and Clēnera can sign a purchase option or enter into a lease agreement that allows Clēnera to pursue all required permits, approvals and contracts that lead to a Solar Farm. Landowners benefit from predictable revenues generated by clean, safe, consistent use of their land.

Q: Who is Clēnera?

Clēnera (pronounced Clean-era) was founded in 2013 to develop, to build and to operate renewable-energy production facilities. The founders are Idaho natives and we have offices in Idaho and Arizona. We work with private landowners and with other developers to deliver clean, affordable electrical energy to the power grid for everyone to use.

Q: How does this process work?

After signing a purchase option or lease agreement, we begin our approval period when we invest significantly in multiple technical and environmental evaluations over the first several months, followed by pursuing approvals and jurisdictional permits. After obtaining all necessary approvals and permits, we start construction, which generally takes only a few months, depending on the size of the project. From there, we manage, maintain, and operate the site remotely, with minimal site visits over time. The solar farm simply absorbs sunlight and sends electricity straight to the grid.

Q: How does a Solar Farm work?

Solar Farms use simple panels to convert sunlight to electrical energy. The energy is transferred to the grid and is purchased under contract by the Utility in much the same way a traditional power plant supplies power. The beauty of Solar Farms is that they produce zero emissions and require very little maintenance.

Q: Why was my parcel chosen?

Your parcel was chosen based on several criteria. An ideal parcel of land for our purposes would be from 200 to over 1,000 acres, relatively flat, free of wetlands, structures, woodland and other encumbrances. We’d love to discuss your land in more detail, so please give us a call.

Q: How long does it take to design and build a solar farm?

It usually takes about a year, but it can take longer depending on the size of the project, the requirements of the electrical utility, and jurisdictional conditions. The process of building is actually quite simple.

Q: How long do your leases last?

Our typical lease starts at twenty years.

Q: Can I have personal access to power generated by the solar farm?

All power generated by our facilities is sold directly to the electrical utility.

Q: What is a “megawatt”?

A megawatt (MW) is equal to 1 million watts of electricity.

Q: How does solar energy help the environment?

Solar power is abundant, quiet, efficient and clean. It leaves no residue, no fumes, no smoke.


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