How Clēnera Makes A Difference

Clēnera is quickly working to bring clean, efficient and low cost solar power to our communities. Since inception in 2013 Clēnera has grown rapidly with acquisition, development, construction, and operation of a total 660 MWDC--enough to power 108,240 homes.


Clēnera is an end-to-end utility-scale solar development and asset management service provider. With its unique combination of proficiency in solar development and all-equity financing, Clēnera is 100% successful at completing its projects, no matter how large.


Our strong financial backing allows the flexibility required for our expert staff to resolve outstanding development issues, to complete construction, and to deliver operating projects with optimized performance that exceeds expectations for landowners and utility customers alike.


Clēnera develops solar energy facilities in partnership with landowners. We select the best land for development based on power grid availability, topography, soils, conservation, environmental history and current land use.

Clēnera Solar projects


Dedicated to a New Era of Clean Energy