Clēnera is Dedicated to Providing Low-cost Solar Energy
Clēnera’s power generation systems help communities and utilities meet local power requirements in a clean, low-cost and efficient way. With more than fifty years of combined solar technology and energy experience, the Clēnera team makes each project an example of best practices. Together with local governments, landowners, and utilities, Clēnera is building a growing number of solar energy facilities that deliver clean low-cost energy to communities across North America.
Recent Projects
Westlands Solar Farms
Location: Fresno County, CA
Status: Operating Facility
Size: 23 MW
Clēnera is pleased to announce the completion of the Westlands Solar Farms 23 MW project. This renewable energy project was internally financed to meet very aggressive deadlines, which were met on February 14, 2014.

Pacific Gas and Electric is purchasing the power generated from this project under a 20-year agreement.
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Blue Renewable Energy IMS Solar
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Status: Operating Facility
Size: 11 MW
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Clēnera has completed the construction of an 11 MW Solar Project at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Indianapolis, IN.

The photovoltaic project will convert sunlight to electricity on approximately 70 acres located next to the 104-year-old Speedway.

Clēnera will continue to manage the operation and maintenance of the Indianapolis Solar Energy Facility.